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Play music with your belly (with an iPhone)

Put the iPhone on your belly. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the music…

BellyBio (Belly Biofeedback) is a triple innovation in deep breathing, biofeedback and music:

BellyBio generates beautiful music & light perfectly synchronized to your deep abdominal breathing movements, making deep breathing more pleasant and rewarding than ever. You’re going to love playing with your inner balloon.

BellyBio turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a highly-sensitive deep breathing sensor providing a real-time, objective stress-level index based on your breathing pattern. Biofeedback thus becomes more simple and powerful –not to mention affordable– than ever, so you can now know for sure who’s the coolest dude in the neighborhood.

The first “Abdominal Music Player”, BellyBio introduces a new way to enjoy music where both you and the music shift into harmonious resonance, making you experience music at a deeper and broader level. Is it you who follow the music or the music that follows you? With BellyBio’s unique breathing/music synchronization, you don’t listen to music anymore, you merge with it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE — Practicing BellyBio will require you to:

a) BE ABLE TO NATURALLY BREATHE DEEPLY AND SLOWLY FROM YOUR BELLY, meaning your belly –and not your chest– must significantly and effortlessly inflate when you inhale and deflate when you exhale. If you can’t, you’d probably better not download this app since nothing is more annoying and ineffective than struggling to achieve deep abdominal breathing (and by the way this will perhaps avoid somewhat angry customer ratings… ;-))

b) PROPERLY POSITION THE iPHONE ON YOUR BELLY SO AS TO MAKE IT TILT BACK & FORTH when you breathe deeply in & out from your abdomen (BellyBio measures the increase/decrease of the angle between the iPhone and your body). Reclining in a chair is probably the most suitable body position although lying down on your back can also perfectly work.


– Several interactive musical themes you can breathe deeply in and out (i.e. have BellyBio play in sync with your deep abdominal breathing)
– One of those themes (“Calmitude pitch”) provides you with a direct audio stress-level feedback through the pitch of the inhaling tone (the lower the stress, the lower the pitch)
– Choice of breathing colors displayed in sync with each in- and out-breath
– Graph showing real-time breathing and stress curves
– Log (date, duration of use, minimum stress, minimum breathrate, Qi production)
– 3D-earth animation showing all BellyBio users on the planet
– Whether you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, the main home button must always be close to your lap, not to your chest.
– Child-proof (successfully tested on 5-year-old with adult assistance)

QUOTES (sort of)
– “All thumbs and navels up!!!” (Buddha, India)
– “BellyBio rests on the belly just like the leaf floats on the sea.” (Lao Tzu, China)
– “Bellissimo BellyBio!” (L. Da Vinci, Italy)
– “To breathe or not to breathe? To breathe, period. With BellyBio!” (W. Shakespeare, UK)
– “I play BellyBio, therefore I stop thinking, therefore I am.” (R. Descartes, France)
– “So cool!” (I. Newton, UK)
– “Makes me wanna compose a dozen sonatas and concertos for BellyBio! Please give me 10 minutes.” (W. A. Mozart, Austria)
– “Even with only one ear, this thing just blew my mind!” (V. Van Gogh, Netherlands)
– “Undoubtedly absolute.” (A. Einstein, Germany)
– “Why didn’t they call it iBelly?” (S. Jobs, USA)

This application is not meant to substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. Should you feel any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and consult your physician or health professional.

Free download at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bellybio-interactive-breathing/id353763955?mt=8


Arduino and Galvanic Skin Response GSR Sensor

Thanks for support (Galvanic Skin Response Sensor) to: www.seeedstudio.com

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Wireless EMG using Bluetooth Technology

A wireless EMG device was developed using an EMG Amplifier, Gizduino Microcontroller and a Bluetooth Shield. Along with the basic EMG Signal Acquisition implemented using LabVIEW, several other useful applications are developed, namely:

  1. Biofeedback game control
  2. Facial Movement recognition
  3. EMG signal display on an Android device

For the finished device, the components are placed inside a casing which uses the combination of two switches to identify which function it will perform.


Brainwave Biofeedback with the Mind Mirror: The Magic Potion Meditation

This one-hour workshop, sponsored in India by Nikate Khaitan’s Awareness Foundation, teaches how your mind works and how to master it. Judith opens with a post-meditation discussion on the importance of using a felt state of awareness to more easily enter meditation and expand awareness. She then leads the audience—and video viewers—through an alpha-wave sensualization, “The Magic Potion,” for insights and self-discovery. As the meditators share their experiences, Judith shows on a brainwave map of consciousness how sensualization reduces the conscious mind’s beta waves and builds an alpha bridge that provides access to the Awakened Mind brainwave pattern of creative flow and peak performance. Viewers see the brainwave patterns of two subjects hooked up to the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6. Explanations of how to deepen into Awakened Mind meditation for creativity, insight and healing are interspersed with illuminating comments on the subjects’ brainwave patterns. This video teaches how to meditate the scientific way for ease, transformation, and enlightenment.

For more information, visit http://www.InstitutefortheAwakenedMind.com