Our Enemies – The Muse

Our Enemies – The Muse

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“The Muse EP” – OUT NOW!
1. Our Enemies – Welcome
2. Our Enemies – The Muse
3. Our Enemies – Steppin w/ Desembra
4. Our Enemies – Beyond You

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Unboxing: Muse brain sensing headband

I might be considered a bioacker. I am always looking to improve my well being. Happy minds are a part of happier relationships. At StrongLuv.com we’re all about strengthening relationship one ACTION at a time. I’m excited to find out how this Muse brain sensing headband by InterAxon helps.

StrongLuv.com launches on February 15, 2015.


How Can Muse Help Me In My Daily Life?

Michael Apollo – Director of Mind Sciences at Interaxon – explains how Muse: the brain sensing headband helps you reclaim the choice of where to place your attention.


Muse – Reapers [Official Lyric Video]

Watch the official lyric video for “Reapers” now!

Director – Tom Kirk
Produced by – Banoffee Sky
Editor and VFX – Rowan Glenn
Drones Filming – Drones Plus
Pilot filmed by Matt Hayslett
Band Performance filmed by Liam Iandoli and Daniel Salter
Actor – Micky Shiloah
Actor – Alexandria Basso

Get Muse’s album DRONES here: http://smarturl.it/getmusedrones




5 Amazing Inventions You Never Knew Existed

5 Amazing Inventions You Never Knew Existed !!

Onyx Group https://www.orionlabs.io
PillDrill https://www.pilldrill.com
Muse https://store.choosemuse.com
Ember https://embertech.com
Myfox https://www.getmyfox.com


Sreeragamo – Harish Sivaramakrishnan – The Muse Room

Vocals – Harish Sivaramakrishnan
Guitar – T Praveen Kumar
Keys – Swamy Seetharaman

Camera – Vipin Chandran, Mahesh SR, Aneesh CS
Edit – Sudheesh MS
Sound recording – Deepu Sasidharan
Mix – Hriday Goswami, The Space
Production – Binu Ninan, Liju Thomas
Artist relations – Ranjini Menon

An Aum-i Artistes production.
All rights reserved.


Interaxon Muse: the brain sensing headband Color: Black

Amazon-UK: http://iboo.space/neck/2/uk/B00LOQR37C/review
Muse Interaxon is a brain sensing headband and a fitness tool that helps do more with your mind by helping calm and settle mind.
is a comfortable, lightweight with 7 sensors designed to detect and measure activity, just as a heart monitor measures pulse.
uses 7 to and activity.
This is converted into information can track on tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.
guided sessions be used in as little as 3 minutes a day, with audio and visual feedback of brain’s response in real time.
This improve mind, concentration and focus each Muse.
Everyone knows a healthy body needs to rest, repair and renew through diet and proper sleep.
A also some level of and exercise; the a balance of both.
This is why we’ve


Blue Light Bluetooth Muse Wearable Tech EEG Neuroscience Meditation

The sounds you hear in this video are live outputs from a consumer EEG Muse Brain Sensing Headband meditation device. The sounds represent my brainwave activity oscillating between calm and active. It was the Ambient Sound Pack included with the “Muse Brain Sensing Headband” as we like to call it!
At the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviours is the communication between neurons within our brains. Brainwaves are produced by synchronised electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other.
– http://www.brainworksneurotherapy.com/what-are-brainwaves


EP # 20 | Meditation, Neuroscience, and How We Construct Our Reality with Chris Aimone

www.mattbelair.com & www.choosemuse.com
Meditation is a constant theme among the spiritual, business and sport leaders on the planet. Technology expert and co-founder of Interaxon and Muse Meditation Chris Aimone. In this episode Chris shares his genius on the following topics;

  • Chris’s journey from augmented reality and artificial intelligence to co-founding Muse.
  • What he learned about how humans and the mind constructs reality and how we connect deeper to the present moment and expand our awareness
  • The science of transformation
  • Why it’s important to cultivate our attention
  • The narrative self experience as a simulation
  • The importance of feedback and a coach for accelerated learning

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