How To Drive an Integra GSR

There were some questions about the purchase of my 2001 Acura Integra GSR. Some people got it, some people didn’t. In this video I show how I drive my new GSR and offer some tips on making it more fun to drive. As a former Acura technician who’s owned 6 Integras now, I think I have a pretty good idea what these cars are capable of.

Good luck finding one as clean as this one.

Intro music by Eric Cook “ETCG1 Intro”

Camera: Brian Kast
Eric Cook

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Galvanic Skin Response for Social Response

“Galvanic Skin Response for Social Response”

Galvanic Skin Response for Social Response is an Electrodemal Sonic Interaction, or human energy sonic interaction. This relationship between the person and the device (Galvanic Skin Response) that reads the skin electrically and produces a sound we commonly call biofeedback. But what if it’s more?
Many branches of Galvanic skin response research suggest that the human skin is mapped to internal organs and directly relate to the human energy field and the charkas. The human energy field visually and sonically goes largely unnoticed in everyday life. How can we pay attention to our own electrodemal responses or our human energy fields? The galvanic skin response machines are intended to be a way to hear to your energy sonically.
Galvanic Skin Response for Social response is what I like to call an Electrodemal Sonic Social Medium for people. We can think of it as the human energy sound language. Just think, maybe we are on the phone with our energy for the first time. We may not completely understand what our skin or our bodies are saying but we do understand that there is something there.


Galvanic Skin Response using Arduino UNO

This is a little video describing the functionality of the GSR project.
More info at:
Sorry for the poor video quality. Shot using a Sony DSC-H7.


Meditation exercise affects the nervous system, this device can monitor your performance.

It is difficult to measure the success of a meditation session. It would be helpful to know how the body’s nervous system responds and the Noumic device gives you this information, moment by a moment. It indicates of how well you are doing and this can speed up the meditation learning process.

It is capable of monitoring the effect on your nervous system of even small changes in emotion or feelings and, at times, it is sensitive enough to indicate changes in your nervous system caused by even passing thoughts during meditation. (It is an electrodermal activity EDA, or galvanic skin response GSR, biofeedback monitor.)

With Noumic people can try different meditation and relaxation techniques and see what works for them. It can show the effects on your mind and body of, breathing meditation, visualisation, chanting, or the effect when you listen to special music or focus attention on an object, your heart beat or your breath. Noumic gives objective information about your progress.
Meditation can bring altered consciousness experiences and feelings of complete peace, vivid mental imagery, or total mind calmness. Some of these special meditation experiences are known to occur when the levels of relaxation stop changing completely. The Noumic meditation tool shows these periods clearly. With Noumic’s no change indicator, you can aim to naturally achieve some special states of consciousness.
Noumic is a tool that interferes as little as possible with the process of meditation and deep relaxation. It can be used while doing specific meditation exercises, as a meditation focus point, and for some completely new meditation exercises. If you are experienced in meditation, if you are learning or thinking of starting, then experimenting with Noumic will be of interest to you.


Biofeedback Machine Review: Iom From Wild Divine – My review of the Iom biofeedback machine from Wild Divine.

This biofeedback device can sense: heart rate BPM, pulse strength, HRV and galvanic skin response.

The software is great, and contains several training and entertainment titles that will help you master biofeedback techniques quickly and in a fun way.

You can use this biofeedback machine for professional therapy or personal recreation. It is the only biofeedback hardware and software solution like it on the market today, and is reasonably affordable.

The Iom is great for releasing stress, lowering anxiety and achieving a very deep level of relaxation for your body and mind.


Wearable Galvanic Skin Response System

Are you developing a wearable device? Galvanic skin response (GSR), or skin impedance, adds another dimension to health monitoring that is not captured by accelerometers and heart rate monitors.


Wild Divine: the early grand mix of mind, heart, and spirit

It was more than 10 years ago when I started seeing ads on the back of psychology and meditation magazines of the day such as Spirituality & Health (still with us). There in great graphic design was a woman tackling meditation with multiple sensors, results arrayed on a laptop. Cool.

The advertising was for a new system with an intriguing but improbable name, Wild Divine. It used a combination sensor types, heretofore note combined in a consumer device.

Wild Divine was the strange but intriguing name of a new consumer-oriented biofeedback system. I knew I would get one as soon as I could because I assumed that Wild Divine wouldn’t survive. Inner work equipment comes and then fades and I could see Wild Divine doing the same. Hurry, order one of everything. Wild Divine hit like a wave, in terms of advertising, but would it last?

Many people had been looking for something that was a high-quality biofeedback system but didn’t have the dry, boring, displays of clinical setups. We wanted something beyond watching bar graph displays or star-ships racing each other.

Wild Divine combined biofeedback with fantasy- laden games as can be seen here:

Wild Divine continues strong today, adding more challenges and advancing to online platforms. Its base of brand-name supporters has grown and…

For those who want a more clinical look, ….Healing Rhythms….

For more info from the company itself, see Wild Divine.