Dr. W. C. Nelson PROFILE and Credentials


INTRODUCING the DISTINGUISHED developer of an advanced Bio-electronic Technology; a Multi Channel, [ TRIVECTOR -Voltage, Amperage, Resistance- Fractal dimensional, Fourier HARMONIC { wave like } TRINARY – Software/Hardware of the Bio – Electronic – Biological cell IONIC – GSR [ galvanic skin response ] and TVEP [ transcutaneous voltametric EVOKED POTENTIALl ] EPR [ Electro Physiological REACTIVITY ] BIOFEEDBACK SYSTEMS called in Order of Evolution, the EPFX / QXCI / SCIO / INDIGO; being Multidiciplinary Computerised Health Care tools of Bio-electrical MEASUREMENT, Bio-electrical RECTIFICATION and RESEARCH, Detecting and Operating in a Closed Loop / NO Outside Interference / AUTO FOCUSING, INTERACTIVE manner, at biological speeds.

Professor W.C. Nelson, PhD. holds a BS in Psychology, a MS in Counseling Psychology; Majoring in Mathematics, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, International Law & Medicine with a Doctorate in Psychology.
Dr. Nelson is a repeated Nobel Prize nominee for The PROMORPHEUS Quantum Biology/Subspace Theory www.theqxci.com/qxci_promorpheus.html
THE PROMORPHEUS is the most technical & mathematical TREATISE on the Life Processes in the field of Advanced Quantum Biology. Dr. Nelson is also a former NASA Scientist, instrumental in the successful Apollo 13 re-entry. Dr. Nelson was the Energetic Medicine therapist for the 1982 World Cup Champion Soccer Team — Italy. The Maitreya Foundation in Hungary was established by the President of Italy in gratitude to Dr. Nelson. Dr. Nelson’s Academic Degrees, his Professional Accomplishments & his Integrity & Authority, makes him; LEADER of the PACK in: Wholistic Health Care Expertise & Technology!

Dr. Julie Trudeau considers Dr. W.C. Nelson to be her Wholistic Health Care SUPER HERO; As the TRINARY [ 3 Dimensional ] CYBERNETIC [computerized], Artificial Intelligence of the SCIO [ a sophisticated, multi diciplinary, multi media & multi function Universal Electro-physiological Biofeedback System ] has been an invaluable Bio — electronic, Wholistic Health Care tool & companion, for Dr. Trudeau both personally & professionally, as Dr. Julie & her clients have been enjoying the MYRIAD of Natural wellbeing, Quantum Bio — electrical, cell ionic, Body Electric stability BENEFITS of the SCIO since her 44th birthday in September of 2005.
Dr. Julie confidently considers the SCIO auto-focus, Evoked Potential Biofeedback Body Electric [ Bioresonance ] testing & balancing to be completely SAFE & extremely EFFECTIVE from her experiences of personal use and excellent Natural health care results maintaining & perfecting her own Body Electric.

The SCIO/INDIGO as a trivector detector and corrector is measuring evoked potential reactions of the client’s [cell ionic Bioresonance] or Body Electric to applied virtual stimulations. and smoothing out the Natural, fractal dimensional, harmonic form of the quantic [ light] nature of biological systems [bioresonance] SPECIFICALLY by
[1.] the detection & reduction of stress via a simple EEG [electroencephalography] BIOFEEDBACK for brain wave stress reduction;
[2.] the management of pain, via the GSR [ Galvanic skin response } of the (MENS [microcurrent transcutaneous electro nerval stimulation]) in the cybernetic [ computerised ] BIOFEEDBACK loop;
[3.] for Trauma or wound healing [ detox / cell regeneration stimulation & stabilization ] via electro-osmosis in the BIOFEEDBACK loop and Global Voltametric, cell ionic, bio – electrical rectification in the BIOFEEDBACK loop of cellular / molecular / ionic charge stability and redox potential;
[4.] for muscular re-education from injury, weakness or dystonia, via the EMG [electromyography] in the BIOFEEDBACK loop.

Please contact Dr. Trudeau – dr.julietrudeau@yahoo.com TODAY For a first time Complementary Health Scan

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SPIRE-EIT REU Summer 2009: Psychophysiological Data Acquisition in Digital Games

The project is developing a data-logging architecture so that analog psychophysics devices like EEG, galvanic skin response systems, eye-trackers, etc, could be time-synced with a computer running a video game. Usually the psychophysics system is sampling at a greater frequency than the computer, and it’s analog instead of digital, so it’s difficult to match up events like brainwaves in an EEG to events in the game like shooting an enemy. Once completed this system will enhance research on brain-machine interfaces and the effects of game environments on behavior, attitudes, and learning.

Goal: Integrate a video game with EEG in real time.


Book | Robust Multimodal Cognitive Load Measurement

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This book explores robust multimodal cognitiveload measurement with physiological and behavioural modalities, which involve theeye, Galvanic Skin Response, speech, language, pen input, mouse movement andmultimodality fusions. Factors including stress, trust, and environmentalfactors such as illumination are discussed regarding their implications forcognitive load measurement. Furthermore, dynamic workload adjustment andreal-time cognitive load measurement with data streaming are presented in orderto make cognitive load measurement accessible by more widespread applicationsand users. Finally, application examples are reviewed demonstrating thefeasibility of multimodal cognitive load measurement in practical applications.this is thefirst book of its kind to systematically introduce various computationalmethods for automatic and real-time cognitive load measurement and by doing somoves the practical application of cognitive load measurement from the domainof the computer scientist and psychologist to more general end-users, ready forwidespread implementation.robust Multimodal Cognitiveload Measurement is intended for researchers and practitioners involved with cognitiveload studies and communities within the computer, cognitive, and socialsciences. The book will especially benefit researchers in areas like behaviouranalysis, social analytics, human-computer interaction (hci), intelligentinformation processing, and decision support systems.


Microsoft’s new Band 2 fitness tracker brings a vast arsenal of sensors to your wrist

Microsoft today announced the second iteration of its Band fitness tracker and guess what, it is heavily investing in fitness, health, and activity tracking. And boy, is it a well-endowed one!

Let’s start with the design. The wearable flaunts a curved AMOLED display with a resolution of 320 by 128 pixels protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and its band is made of a material called TPSiV (thermal plastic elastomer silicone vulcanate). However, what grabbed our attention is the wealth of sensors in the arsenal.

Microsoft’s new $249 Band 2 fitness tracker brings a vast arsenal of sensors to your wrist
Some of the more important ones are the continuous, optical heart rate monitor, an on-board GPS and barometer for improved geo-tracking, 3-axis accelerometer/gyro, gyrometer, a skin temperature sensor, a UV sensor, a galvanic skin response sensor. Seriously, that’s a lot of sensors.

Some of the features these unlock before you are sleep monitoring, calorie expenditure, track elevation, and others. The data will be available inside the Microsoft Health app on your paired handset.

Additionally, the wearable supports Cortana, allowing you to issue voice commands. The golf tracking features of the wearable also received their fair share of time in the spotlights.

Microsoft promises up to 48 hours of battery life; it’s also claimed that the munchkin gets fully charged in less than an hour and a half. The Band 2 works with devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or higher, iPhone 4S and newer (iOS 8.1.2 required), and handsets running Android 4.3 or higher. The nifty activity tracker will be up for pre-order later today and shipping will start on October 30. It will cost you $249.


2001 acura integra gsr highway pull

a quick pull in an ’01 gsr

gsr mods:

  • aem sri
    -vb 4 – 2 – 1 ss header
    -ws II catback
    -blox flat valves
    -s2 gen 1 im

had one passenger with me at the time of the video…hard to see the tach since i just kinda stuck the camera in my steering wheel..

car has bad second gear syncros, thats why i over revved it….i was trying to make sure it was in gear…motor mounts are bad


Galvanic Skin Response-O-Phone

(fall ’09) musical instrument based on galvanic skin response (lie detector technology). Instrument changes pitch based on changes in the electrical resistance of the performers skin. It uses a 555 timer chip in astable mode set up to create frequencies between 20hz and 20khz with one of the resistor replaced with open leads.


Minddrive Mindskier

This was a device that came out in the 90’s I believe. The device attached to your finger to gather galvanic skin responses as data to send to the game. This game is called Mindskier. It was one of the first games released for the Minddrive. The retail price was about four hundred U.S. dollars for the Minddrive unit. The company that manufactured it was called The Other 90%. Their website is still up and running if you wish to look into it.


TOBB Gaze Jens

iMotions Global software analyzes listeners’ reaction to The Overview: Beyond Borders. It livestreams the data from listeners’ biosensors using an EEG (Electroencephalogram) , eye-tracking software and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), you can see how even an “expressionless” listener is having multiple responses of excitement, engagement and relaxation. Perhaps NASA and NOAA might be interested in using such equipment when launching new outreach materials? Stories make the difference as engagement went up from looking at still photos of Earth from space.


Medio Tek Health Systems Launch of Device VinCense WHMS in Chennai

Medio Tek Health Systems Launch of Device VinCense WHMS (Wireless Health Monitoring System) in Chennai

Our key vision is to transform and democratize healthcare delivery and management considering high cost of quality care today and its inaccessibility to the common man. To achieve this lofty goal, reputed clinicians and technologists have collaborated and created a pioneering product – VinCense Wireless Health Monitoring System (WHMS).

The crux of the problem in delivery of healthcare today is the inability to monitor vital signs on a real-time basis for chronic disease sufferers, senior citizens and non-ICU patients. VinCense WHMS tracks vital signs continually, non-invasively and unobtrusively and enables healthcare professionals to be proactive and avoid emergencies. This innovative product is the first of its kind that is designed and manufactured in India.

The economic impact of mobile health devices is between USD 171 Billion to 1.1 Trillion according to McKinsey. This creates a huge white-space opportunity and with our expertise and available resources, our aim is to leverage the first mover advantage to the maximum.

VinCense WHMS (patent pending) comprises three components – a state-of-the-art wrist-wearable device, an Android application and a web-interface that will capture the vital signs wirelessly and push into the secure cloud application.

The web-interface enables clinicians and other stakeholders to monitor the patient’s’ trend anytime, anywhere with the help of an intuitive, user-centred design with macro and micro views. The wearable is capable of clinical-grade monitoring of skin temperature, pulse rate and oxygen saturation. It also has an emergency call button. The mobile app sends out alert messages to five pre-configured numbers if the vitals go out of range and also presents the daily trend in a graphical format.

Value proposition comes in multiple dimensions – easy adherence to clinical practice guidelines/protocols, reduced human error for the hospitals, providing reliable, accurate, continual and remote monitoring of non-ICU patients, reduced hospitalization and lowered cost of care per admitted patient. This will enable efficient patient management for hospitals. The widespread applicability and low cost of VinCense WHMS have the potential to create a huge community health impact as well.

We also propose to provide a hardware/software platform for monitoring of blood pressure, ECG, EMG (Electromyography), Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) and fetal heart monitor as part of the product roadmap


Evo X GSR Launch

The clutch was slipping on the White Evo x so we decided to have some fun with it before replacing it with a new Exedy Twin HD clutch! Like and Subscribe for more incoming videos!

APR Vortex Generator: http://aprperformance.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=88&Itemid=44

Wheels: Volk CE28ns, 19X10.5 + 22, tires are NT05’s 275/30/19

Greddy Ti-C for sale! :http://www.evoxforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58915