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Review of the NeuroSky MindWave Brain Wave Sensor.

Like a lot of us children of the 1980’s, I grew up watching science fiction like star trek and star wars, and lots of other media that dreamt of hyper-technological futures, and with the invent of the NeuroSky mind wave, it would appear that the beginning of that future is finally upon us.

Now first things first, the MindWave is a headset which has a sensor that rests on your forehead, and another that clips on your earlobe to monitor your brain activity and brainwave signals, particularly as those signals pertain to the amount of attention you’re giving to a set of problems. These sets of problems come in the form of ten apps which come with the headset, and the apps are basically video games. There are math games, ball levitation games, and more that are packaged with the set, but perhaps the more exciting applications of the NeuroSky MindWave Brain Wave Sensor are apps that can be purchased separately, of course at a higher price.

As you can see on our review here at Ukritic, one MindWave user was quoted as saying they use it to fly their remote helicopter. Pretty amazing. But it gets better than that. It can be used as a music controller based on your mood or, in the case of the “Brain Athlete” app, it can be used to track attention during the course of a workout or practice session. For example, it can track a golfer’s level of concentration during each part of his or her swing, allowing bad habits to be corrected later.

As well, there are medical research applications for the MindWave including the study of ADHD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Alzheimer’s Disease, brain injury and more.

At the end of the day, this is a technology that is only scraping the surface of its potential, and I’m not exactly sure how they’ve pulled it off, but the MindWave can be had for only 99.95, which seems like a steal. You don’t really have to concentrate that hard to get a neurosky mind wave, you just need a credit card. That is, unless your familiarity with science fiction has turned you off of headsets.


Neurosky Mindwave Mobile controlling LEDs

The initial prototyping of my final year university project.
Capturing the data from a Neursky Mindwave Mobile EEG headset through Processing and communicating through serial to Arduino to control the LEDs depending on the Attention and Meditation values.


Mindwave – Spectrum (Video Clip)

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After releasing his 5th album “Project 5” Anton Maiko aka Mindwave bring us a new stunning tune with his unique style. Spectrum is a truly Psychedelic journey track that takes you to the places beyond your imagination. A must have for a true traveler.

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Brain-controlled skateboard Neurosky Mindwave project

Mind controlled skateboard project for university, The higher the concentration level, the faster the skateboard goes!
(Sorry about the shot of the fish watching, I was just putting the headset on at that point! Also the video is a bit boring after a while!)

Used an Arduino to design the circuit, then built it on some strip board. There is a notification light on the top of the skateboard to let you know when the headset is connected to the board, also an LED array to show the attention levels. Full attention is when the last 3 red bars are illuminated. (Cannot give the code out sorry as this is my university project at the moment.)


Mindwave Live @ OZORA Festival 2011

Mindwave live @ OZORA Festival 2011 | Join Mindwave Fan page : and stay tune for updates about coming releases, events and other info.


DEMO Spring 2011 – NeuroSky

Watch NeuroSky’s launch of “MindWave BrainCubed Education Bundle” at DEMO Spring 2011.

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