Mindwave – Project 5 (Album Mix)

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Five is a magical number. In the Middle East the hand shaped amulet signifies protection from the ‘evil eye’. Project 5 presents a lucky charm in a different way, holding powers of the development of an artist who reached maturity, craftsmanship and his own unique signature. Project 5 manifests the strength, and evolution that an artist achieves by hard work, exploration and curiosity. In this album, Mindwave, aka Anton Maiko from Israel, made a special project combining eclectic elements from tribal sounds, crunchy organic sounds, Goa nostalgia, Progressive bits, and Psychedelic slices while focusing more than ever on his famous atmosphere. The journey starts with a Submission to the sonic atmosphere you are about to enter, a sublime moment of enchantment. Through an immersion of Sepia, sporadic frequencies enter the Subconscious and create Equilibrium. This encourages a Dream Factory which some might feel need some Balance. However, illusions of a Singularity exist in a Void. It is better to go towards total Recall and to incept the idea of Project 5. Such trip will carve itself into your soul, giving you the lucky charm protection you need from bad vibes, sounds and environment.

Mindwave – Project 5, released 2016-05-02 , Iono Music , INM1CD074

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Iono Music never stops to evolve, always being one step ahead with technology and new initiatives it had grown to be an exciting international label. Always on the move, Iono Music promises to give you the top notch music this atmosphere can offer. The label has built over the years a strong reputation as a quality brand with many artist like: Ritmo, Egorythmia, E-Clip, Suntree, Time in Motion, Lifeforms, Side Effects and many others.

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Introduction to EEG headsets from NeuroSky Technology part 1

Welcome to the tutorial Mindwave mobile application, a product designed and developed by NeuroSky Technology and powered by its own brain. The helmet, here Mindwave Mobile, will allow to interact with games and applications, using the power of his brain states …
The mobile Mindwave tutorial, a tutorial application, to introduce the EEG headsets from NeuroSky Technology.
Learn more: http://cervo-psycho.sitego.fr/
More information: http://www.joel-caserus.net/


Como instalar Neurosky Mindwave Mobile – How to install

Nesse vídeo você vai aprender como realizar a instalação do CD do neurosky mindwave mobile e também o pareamento bluetooth do aparelho com o computador.

Instituto Neurointegra: http://www.neurointegra.com.br/
Telefone: (22)99731-5418 ou (22)26449194


NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile

There’s a new way to control your computer or mobile device that doesn’t involve fingers, gestures or even your voice. NeuroSky’s Mindwave Mobile reads your brain waves and uses this information to control an entire suite of applications.


Neurosky | Ep. 9 | HardWired ft. iJustine

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‘Hardwired’ Ep.9 — ‘Neurosky’: iJustine exercises mind over matter and uses her brainwaves to play video games and control a helicopter.

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About ‘Hardwired’:
YouTube star iJustine travels across America to discover the latest innovations in wearable technology. Join a new generation of consumers who see technology as an inextricable extension of their body and being!

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Mindwave – Concept of Freedom [Full Album]

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10/04/12 – Mindwave – Concept of Freedom – Iono Music

Buy: https://pro.beatport.com/release/concept-of-freedom/894581

1. Intro 0:00
2. Light of loss 2:10
3. Simple Moves 9:59
4. Guiding Voice 19:03
5. Within You 27:45
6. Levity 36:07
7. New Day 45:30
8. Underwater 53:11
9. Concept of freedom 1:01:57
10. Deepest Thoughts 1:09:44

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Personal EEG devices (Neurosky, Muse, Emotiv)

Personal EEG devices are riding the biofeedback wave this year. Companies like Neurosky, Muse and Emotiv are leaders in this developing marketplace. How can this relate to the everyday consumer? Stay tuned for another episode of techforpsych.

Neurosky: http://amzn.to/1P4NTeM (affiliate link)