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Are you interested in meditating but feel like you don’t even know where to begin? Or perhaps you’ve tried meditating, but got disheartened after your thoughts began to race and you weren’t sure how to combat it? As yogis, we are well aware of the benefits of meditation. Yet many of us are unsure how to begin, or don’t feel like we are equipped with the knowledge or awareness to establish a meditation practice.

This is where Muse comes onto the scene to save the day! Introducing brain sensing headphones that provide real-time feedback on what’s actually going on in your brain while you meditate. And while this technological feat is impressive in its own rite, Muse has been dubbed your meditation’s personal assistant! Let’s find out why this technological tool is so revolutionary to your meditation practice.

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Brainwave Biofeedback with the Mind Mirror: The Magic Potion Meditation

This one-hour workshop, sponsored in India by Nikate Khaitan’s Awareness Foundation, teaches how your mind works and how to master it. Judith opens with a post-meditation discussion on the importance of using a felt state of awareness to more easily enter meditation and expand awareness. She then leads the audience—and video viewers—through an alpha-wave sensualization, “The Magic Potion,” for insights and self-discovery. As the meditators share their experiences, Judith shows on a brainwave map of consciousness how sensualization reduces the conscious mind’s beta waves and builds an alpha bridge that provides access to the Awakened Mind brainwave pattern of creative flow and peak performance. Viewers see the brainwave patterns of two subjects hooked up to the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6. Explanations of how to deepen into Awakened Mind meditation for creativity, insight and healing are interspersed with illuminating comments on the subjects’ brainwave patterns. This video teaches how to meditate the scientific way for ease, transformation, and enlightenment.

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Muse Brain Sensing Headband Review

I’ve been using the Muse Brain Sensing Headband for a while, so I decided to record a session so you could see what to expect. I also offered up some of my commentary on the experience along with a slight review. If you have any questions about the Muse, please feel free to post them below and also check out my full review by clicking the link below.

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Testing out the Muse + Muse Monitor @ChooseMuse @adafruit – real time EEG brainwave data graphed

Testing out Muse (brain sensing headband) + Muse Monitor. Muse Monitor is a 3rd party app that’s a lot of fun to date-tinker with while the Muse app is more about structured meditation exercises. In the video above we used Wirecast to pull in the output from an iPhone with Muse Monitor running along with webcam for real time video+graphic of the subject (pt). CSV file here of the quickie test. The music being played was played while the subject was monitoring, music by bartlebeats:

Muse Monitor is for use with “Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband” from Interaxon. Get real time EEG brainwave data beautifully graphed, right on your phone or tablet. Split data by channel, into left brain/right brain, Front/Back, or even individual sensors. Record EEG data to Excel compatible CSV file format, or Muse Protocol Buffer format, for playback in Muse Player. Share images with your friends.

Muse Review – The Brain Sensing Wearable Headband

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Muse Brain Sensing Headband

The Muse brain-training headband promises to help you reduce stress and anxiety in just three minutes a day. This is the first product from Canadian-based InteraXon. It comes in both black and white and is available for purchase on both Amazon and for $299. Sarah Buhr tries out the Muse, a headband that can help monitor your brain and combat stress.

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Introducing Muse: Changing The Way The World Thinks

Muse, InteraXon’s new brainwave-sensing headband, allows you to do more with your mind then ever thought possible. Visit our site for more details at

Hey everyone

We’ve received a lot of questions about the number of sensors Muse has, as well as why the number of sensors is important.

We’re answering this question here for you today to help clarify things. We’ve also updated the wording on our website in our FAQ section —

Have a question you’d like us to respond to in a future update? Contact us:

Q: Your video says Muse has 4 sensors. But your website says that Muse has 7 sensors. Which number is accurate?

A: Muse has 7 sensors, which include a ‘ground’ and a ‘reference’. You may have also seen these sensors referred to in some technical documents as electrodes. These are important for both a great user experience and delivering exceptional data quality.

The reference electrode provides a baseline measurement that every recording is compared to. You can think of it this way: when you measure your height, you measure it relative to the floor. When measuring brainwaves, it’s relative to the reference electrode.

What is commonly called the ground electrode is used to cancel noise that is present in all other recordings generated. You can think of it this way: EEG recordings, like many other types of recordings, are susceptible to sources of noise. One way to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (getting rid of that noise), before the data is sent to the host system such as your tablet or PC, is through the ground electrode.

The ground and reference electrodes are crucial to generate full, complete, and flexible data from Muse, as well as providing a more dynamic user experience. When we include the ground and reference in our sensor count, the accurate sensor count for Muse is 7.

These 7 sensors give you full and complete control over your app experience. When our Brain Health System displays real-time feedback it really is a truthful measurement of your brain’s current activity and performance