Gadget Makers Target Health At CES Unveiled


New York – November 10, 2016
1. Various, attendees at CES Unveiled
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Jonathan Roubini, Technology Expert:
“So it looks like CES is going to be more of an aggregation of devices in your home that are all interconnected, health being an important aspect of these devices.”
3. Close, Ellie water purification system
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Vitao Liao, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, RayVio:
“You can just put this into the box and the UV light will kill the germs that they are lurking on the services. In 60 seconds it is safe to use. Now, if you want to sterilize the water you just put the water into the bottle, it could be tap water and put it into the box again and the UV light will penetrate into the water and sterilize the water and then you can drink it will have the baby drink it or mix formula with it.”
5. Close, Ellie water purification system
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Vitao Liao, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, RayVio:
“This is a very nice solution to be able to sterilize baby bottles, nipples and surfaces as well as the water inside to make parents lives easier and also protect the babies on the go.”
7. Close, Ellie water purification system
8. Close, Tytocare health diagnostics device
9. SOUNDBITE (English) Dedi Gilad, Co-founder and CEO, Tytocare”
“You suspect that your child or yourself or your wife is sick, doesn’t feel well. Instead of just doing temperature readings you run a full exam guided by the device. If you have a symptom checker as a system it recommends what exam you should do and then you run the examination guided by a smart algorithm from the device itself. At the end of the day it gives you feedback that if you did it correctly it packages a file, a digital file of the examination and shares it with the clinician.”
10. Close, Tytocare with attachments
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Dedi Gilad, Co-founder and CEO, Tytocare”
“We can also do another option of an online session where you just schedule a visit to your clinician online, like a standard tele-medicine session but not only have the video chat but also have the clinician remotely control the device and run the examination and change settings, record the data and so forth.”
12. Rapael Smart Glove in box
13. Rapael Smart Glove on hand
14. SOUNDBITE (English) Scott Kim, CEO, Neofect:
“Rapael is a real-time biofeedback device for the neurological patients, a hand rehab device. What that does is once you wear the smart glove all the motions that you’re making with your glove are recognized by the software.”
15. Rapael Smart Glove controlling image on tablet
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Scott Kim, CEO, Neofect:
“We have come up with the software games that can actually measure all the range of motion information from your hand data. So the goal is make hand rehab more affordable and portable and lightweight and more database driven.”
17. Rapael Smart Glove controlling image on tablet
Tech is arriving in the Big Apple.
At CES Unveiled New York, gadget makers are providing a sneak peek at new devices set to make headlines at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.
And experts here say it’s all about interconnected health devices. When it comes to preventing illness, one company is targeting babies.
RayVio’s ‘Ellie’ is a water and surfaces purification device that uses Ultraviolet LEDs to kill germs on baby’s bottles and other commonly-used items, such as toothbrushes.
Founder and chief innovation officer, Vitao Liao, says the soon to be launched device can be used in both health and hygiene.
California-based Neofect is demonstrating its Raphael smart glove, a wearable hand rehab device

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DEF CON 16 – Ne0nRa1n & Kingpin: Brain Games: Make your own Biofeedback Video Game

DEF CON 16 – Ne0nRa1n & Kingpin: Brain Games: Make your own Biofeedback Video Game
More and more scientific studies are weighing in on video games and their positive benefits. The dated idea of video games being damaging to one’s health and a waste of time is slowly being replaced with the idea of video games as high-tech therapy. By incorporating sensors to measure the player’s physiological state, game play performance can be affected or altered. Among the various types of biofeedback, heart rate variability is one of the easiest to understand and build hardware for. In this presentation, not only will we guide you through how to construct simple hardware to read your own heart rate and provide you with some open-source code as a starting point for your future favorite biofeedback game designs, we will also use a real-live human volunteer from the audience to demonstrate the technology!

Ne0nRa1n a veteran DEFCON speaker on the human brain and all its wonders, stumbled onto the ‘computer underground’ almost a decade ago and yet she still somehow has never managed to graduated from any secondary institution, still has never held a job of any great importance and still has yet to write a book. After eventually realizing that she would never become what society wanted her to be, she now happily works quietly at home on her projects; some which she shares at DEFCON.

Joe “Kingpin” Grand is an electrical engineer, hardware hacker, and former member of L0pht Heavy Industries. Even with his distrust of The Man, he has become a co-host of an upcoming engineering build show, Prototype This, for Discovery Channel, and has even done some stuff with biofeedback devices on the program. Sometimes he uses his real name, Joe Grand, and invents things for his company, Grand Idea Studio ( He’s also the sole proprietor of Kingpin Empire, a hacker-inspired merchandise outfit ( that gives back to the community through charitable donations. He’s designed the badge for DEFCON a few times, too.

For copies of the slides and additional materials please see the DEF CON 16 Archive here:


Nick Hasty – EM Brace, Wearable Communication Device 2008

The EM Brace is a wearable device for physically engaging with the ambient electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers and other consumer electronics and electrical systems in general. The goal of this project is to make palpable and audible the hidden the invisible electromagnetic frequencies permeating everyday being, the same frequencies which provide the main transmission medium for radio, SMS text messaging, visible light, wireless internet connections and that radiate outwardly from any object with an active electrical current.

Our electronic objects reach out to us by creating low frequency electromagnetic fields. These ubiquitous frequencies penetrate and permeate our bodies at the molecular level, so spatially intimate experiences with electronics can be understood as the merging of our physical bodies with the their electromagnetic embrace. As we humans have no natural means of sensing these frequencies, the EM Brace provides a way to physically exerience these frequencies by combining two of our natural senses, touch and hearing.

The device transforms electronically emitted electromagnetic signals into low-frequency audio waves that are used to vibrate the body via a homemade amplifier and “bass shaker” speaker mounted within an wearable metallic enclosure.

As a device for exploring and navigating these hidden “hertzian” spaces, the EM Brace accentuates the boundlessness of the quantum levels at which this microscopic merging of phyiscal bodies with electronics takes place, while simultaneously situating the body in relation to consumer and communication technologies.

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Chill Out

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Review: ENART and Scenar Cosmodic

Scenar Cosmodic 705 by Let Medical and ENART 907

I have been working with Scenar Cosmodic PS 705 over 5 years. I purchased ENART 907 recently.

Let’s compare the design, diagnostic and treatment capabilities of these devices. The electrodes of both devices are similar, but in Enart they are wider and because of this it is easier to work with the device – your hand will not be tired.

Scenar Cosmodic PS 705 has one mode. ENART 907 has 3 versions: L0 version has 4 modes, L1 has 8 modes and L2 has 16 modes (including 2 diagnostic modes).

This video was sent to CCC INVET video contest “Shoot your video and get super-modern biofeedback device!” and according to signed Agreement is a CCC INVET property.

How to buy Scenar or ENART? CCC INVET official site


Make A Lie Detector With An Arduino – Let’s Make It – Episode 32 – –

This week we make a Lie Detector or Biofeedback machine if you prefer using just a few simple parts and an Arduino.

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Stress Pod Analyzer

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