Breathing exercise at near resonant frequency (6 BPM) — short version

This is a short (demo) version of a breathing exercise used in our research studies to train the participants to breathe at near resonant frequency (6 bpm) with both visual and audio aids…. You may try this technique when you feel nervous, stressed or anxious, or just want to relax. This program is based on the findings from studies of heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback, and the longer version (15 to 20 min) has been used in clinical studies of treatment of hypertension, panic, asthma, major depression, fibromyalgia, and anxiety disorders….


Special Rhythmic Breathing Exercise for Relaxation and Meditation. Yoga, Prana Breathing.

Video showing the Noumic Device’s Breathing Mode. Visual and sound signals to be followed with your breathing. Breathe in as the lights come on (and the 4 sounds increase in tone). Breathe out as the lights go off (and the 4 sounds decrease in tone). It seems a simple breathing exercise, but the length of time of breaths gradually increases. This helps you follow certain yoga breathing and relaxation techniques, because the time of in-breathing and out-breathing is the same and regular, hence it’s called the rhythmic breathing technique.

As a physical exercise it is beneficial for improving lung fitness and oxygen intake; which has health and well-being benefits. Listen to the sounds, they will keep reminding you when to breathe in and out, you can do other things at the same time if you like, just let your breathing follow.

This breathing rhythm exercise is also a ‘mind body soul’ training technique, or spiritual development exercise. Rhythmic breathing is a method for absorbing more ‘vital-force-energy’ into the human system; known as prana or chi energy. This can enhance your potential for achieving, a spiritual awakening or higher consciousness.

Also, you can use this video as a meditation focus and concentration training tool. Keeping focused on your breathing will help clear the mind and keep it calm; this will have benefits. You can incorporate other meditation ideas along with this breathing routine; for example, imagine light (loving positive energy) entering you as you breathe in, and dark smoke (worries negative energy) leaving you as you breathe out.

This is an hour long exercise, with 10 minute reminder sounds so you know your progress. Beginners, don’t try to do it all the first time. If you experience any uncomfortable feelings or lung strain then stop, be sensible, be natural, and listen to your body.

The Noumic Device is a beautiful and unique electronic gadget invention. It is a handheld human body monitor and computerised biofeedback machine for deep relaxation and meditation. Only the first small batch of 60 had this extra breathing mode; it made the device a little complicated to use so it was removed. We hope, one day, to be able to manufacture a special batch of them with just this breathing mode. This video gives you the breathing mode, it’s not the same as having the device next to you but, in essence, you can benefit just the same. Relax your body – focus on your breathing – concentrate the mind – and see what benefits you get!


Breath Awareness for Stress/Anxiety – Spire Wearable Biofeedback

Use Spire wearable to monitor your breathing for relaxation and also track your steps:

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3-minute Mindful Breathing Meditation

Feel more settled and calm by spending a few minutes focused on your breathing. A 3-minute Mindful Breathing mindfulness meditation created by Stop, Breathe & Think. See our mindfulness meditation app at


Breathing Zone – Relaxing Breathing Exercises – iPhone App Demo

The Breathing Zone iPhone app is guides you through a simple and effective guided breathing exercise. In just 5 minutes you can start to enjoy the deep relaxation and other health benefits of slow therapeutic breathing.

Available on iTunes:​us/​app/​breathing-zone-relaxing-breathing/​id369838631?mt=8


Breathing with Spire

(A post from Wired Meditation)

This would seem totally incredible if we were in the early years of biofeedback, say the 1960s: consumer focused, affordable, and wearable biofeedback instruments. A dream then, a reality now.

In recent years, we have seen the steady growth of such devices. First it started with heart-rate monitors for runners and then it went into many sleep tracking devices, from watches to bedside EEG monitors to beds holding bio-monitoring hardware.

Now we have the first breathing monitors. As we have discussed before, breathing is very powerful force in determining our mental states and our mental states are a powerful force in determining our body state through our way of breathing. A new device, Spire, is a good start of what I hope will be an extensive wave of breathing monitoring.

Spire, What is It?

Tracking breathing has required: wearing a sensor built around the chest or holding your nose next to the microphone of a smartphone so it can hear inhales and exhales. Spire has moved all sensing to hardware only slightly larger than a 25 cent piece.

Taking a cue from all of those advertising photos for spas and yoga centers, the makers of Spire have made their device look like a small flat stone. The stone-like device has a large clip that allows clipping Spire to your pants/belt-loop area or to the center strap of a bra. That’s it. Once on, it is all ready for monitoring.

Breathing movement is captured by the stone and data are sent to a the phone app where it is decoded and turned into a usable display.It should be noted that Spire concentrates our breathing when we are still as sitting around or resting. Not stock still but not up moving around, either. When we are still and our breathing moves into a tracked zone (Tense, Calm, or Focused), data are summarized and we can be buzzed by Spire that we have been in one of those zones. If we are alerted that we are in the Tense Zone, we can choose to relax or use a 3 minute exercise on the app. This works the same for the other two zones, Calm and Focused.

Zones are determined by how many breaths we take per minute and how consistent the movement of those breaths are across a few minutes. If our breathing is slow and smooth, we are in the Calm Zone.  If it is faster but smooth, we are in Focus and if our breathing is fast and choppy, we are Tense.

Thoughts on Spire

I’ve been using Spire for about a month now and I like it. I first set it to buzz me when I was Tense. Many times, I wasn’t perceiving I was under any special stress. Clearly, my body was seeing things differently.  Now, I’m following Spire’s heads-up and trusting my body has it right and I need to back off with a few moments of deep, slow breathing.

Tracking Focus is an exciting possibility.  Beyond real-time alerting when we are in Focus, Spire includes guided breathing session of a few minutes to shift us there. If I pay attention to the alerts and do the practice sessions, I should be able to learn the secret of calling up Focus.

One capability I wish was included is the ability to have Spire simply show breaths per minute so a person could work towards specific breaths per minute target. Getting the breath under 10 bpm is beneficial for lowering blood pressure and is relaxing. Going deeper, down to 6 bpm conveys additional health benefits and is very relaxing. Throwing in a timer and an optional guided session to do this would be a valuable improvement.

I recommend getting Spire, but its real potential will only become realized by wearing the device daily and giving it dedicated attention and doing the guided sessions. The device is well made, easy to pair to your phone, easy to recharge, and stays put wherever you clip it. (Note: I do not receive any compensation from Spire or through its purchase at the link below).


Spire website

Video below: The developer of Spire, Neema Moraveji, P.hD., talks about breathing and the development of Spire.