Kokoon EEG headphones help you to sleep better by monitoring brainwaves.

A kickstarter-backed start-up “Kokoon” has come up with an innovative headphone that can help you to sleep better by monitoring the brainwaves. Tiny EEG sensors sit within the headphones and monitor how asleep you are. It then adjusts the audio volume so you’re not woken when a song reaches a loud bit. And, it provides detailed feedback on your sleep cycle through smartphone app which helps you understand the best audio technique so that you can better sleep the next time.

Kokoon headphones can be used as everyday headphones also. They also feature a built-in ‘intelligent alarm’ that chooses the perfect time to wake up you based on the natural sleep cycle so that you can start the day feeling alert and refreshed. Kokoon costs $139 to pre-order from their Kickstarter page and are expected to ship in February. They fold down to the size of a book. So, they can be used in bed at home, on a plane or train or even in a campsite. Kokoon headphones were designed so that they are comfortable while sleeping. An air circulation system maintains acoustic seal while encouraging the air to circulate about the headphone cushioning to reduce heat and moisture..