Quietly, especially since 2003 or so, the number of devices that help people watch and guide their inner world have been increasing. This trend has just gotten started. Smaller, more powerful, more encompassing, more specialized, and who knows what devices are going on the market for consumers every year.

Where did Wired Meditation come from?

  • The early push was for home-based laptop/PC tied equipment.
  • A few years later, innovation energy switched to stand-alone portable equipment that was no longer tethered.
  • Then came the wide acceptance of smart phones with apps that could link with sensors.
  • Now, the push is for devices that are wearable, small, and data production rich.

Why Wired Meditation?
We live at the first time in human history that the average person has frequent access to biofeedback. It is now available whenever we want to use it and largely where ever we want. Incredible.

I fully expect, in the next few years as more people use these devices and as a few become wired meditation masters, we will see some interesting comparisons between unaided meditation and biofeedback-assisted meditation. I don’t know what it will be there but I do expect to see some differences in: precision of technique; speed to deeper states; discovery of new experiences; and new ramifications for psychotherapy, spirituality, and mind-body wellness. Sometimes wired meditation will be the better choice, other times, unaided meditation will be there way to go. Regardless, we are headed towards some interesting discoveries.

Why This Website?
Wired Meditation usesĀ  automatic search-and-fetch programming to scan for the best videos, podcasts, and articles to post here. To add further detail, review, and perspective, I write original articles under the by-line “direct from Wired Meditation“. Whatever the trend, turn to Wired Meditation for the news and ideas you need for Meditation Made Precise.

Please join me by subscribing and by sharing your comments (be sure to include your experiences). Welcome to the journey.

Gary Goodwin*, wire-editor and post writer.

For most of my life I have learned and then shared what I learned with individuals and groups. Learn and teach, learn and teach. I always have stated that (with some exceptions), I’m not a high-level expert in this or that but someone who has taken the time and trouble to learn introductory things well. Sometimes I go well beyond the beginning stages of learning something to intermediate or more advanced mastery.

At any rate, since about 1989 I have been teaching on topics of inner development including: the works of Carl Jung, dream work, imagery, mind-body wellness, and biofeedback. During that journey I have completed certification programs and other course-work, 99% taught for C.E.s or certificates with 99% taught by health-care professionals. I’m not a health-care professional myself but I trust and value the training I have received from: psychologists and psychotherapists. Certifications include: Mind-Body Medicine; Guided Imagery; Open Focus Meditation; Neurosynchrony Trainer EEG; Cognitive-Behaviorial Techniques; and more.

I here to share what I have found on meditation augmented by technology. This has been a great journey, and if all goes well, the journey shall continue for awhile more. Hang around and I will share with you what I hear, see, and experience.