Ford studies high-speed drivers for concentration methods

Ford studies high-speed drivers for concentration methods

In early November, Ford Performance announced its intent to collaborate with King’s College London and tech firm Unit9 to perform brain scansusing a head-mounted electroencephalogram. The EEG headset, a miniaturization of cumbersome, lab-bound equipment, was paired with a virtual reality headset and driving simulator to examine both reaction time and concentration of participants. This equipment was used to gauge electrical activity within the brains of the study’s participants which included members of the general population and professional racing drivers such as five-time consecutive World Rally Championship winner Sébastien Ogier and triple World Touring Car Championship winner Andy Priaulx.

Ford published partial results of the test on Thursday, describing the procedure used in the study and the results. The professionals and unprepared members of the public were used as control groups and their results were used for comparison with members of the public that were given preparation exercises prior to testing. These exercises consisted of breathing techniques and keyword-based visualization exercises. Details on these preparation methods, however, were not disclosed.

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