Dr. W. C. Nelson PROFILE and Credentials

Dr. W. C. Nelson PROFILE and Credentials


INTRODUCING the DISTINGUISHED developer of an advanced Bio-electronic Technology; a Multi Channel, [ TRIVECTOR -Voltage, Amperage, Resistance- Fractal dimensional, Fourier HARMONIC { wave like } TRINARY – Software/Hardware of the Bio – Electronic – Biological cell IONIC – GSR [ galvanic skin response ] and TVEP [ transcutaneous voltametric EVOKED POTENTIALl ] EPR [ Electro Physiological REACTIVITY ] BIOFEEDBACK SYSTEMS called in Order of Evolution, the EPFX / QXCI / SCIO / INDIGO; being Multidiciplinary Computerised Health Care tools of Bio-electrical MEASUREMENT, Bio-electrical RECTIFICATION and RESEARCH, Detecting and Operating in a Closed Loop / NO Outside Interference / AUTO FOCUSING, INTERACTIVE manner, at biological speeds.

Professor W.C. Nelson, PhD. holds a BS in Psychology, a MS in Counseling Psychology; Majoring in Mathematics, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, International Law & Medicine with a Doctorate in Psychology.
Dr. Nelson is a repeated Nobel Prize nominee for The PROMORPHEUS Quantum Biology/Subspace Theory www.theqxci.com/qxci_promorpheus.html
THE PROMORPHEUS is the most technical & mathematical TREATISE on the Life Processes in the field of Advanced Quantum Biology. Dr. Nelson is also a former NASA Scientist, instrumental in the successful Apollo 13 re-entry. Dr. Nelson was the Energetic Medicine therapist for the 1982 World Cup Champion Soccer Team — Italy. The Maitreya Foundation in Hungary was established by the President of Italy in gratitude to Dr. Nelson. Dr. Nelson’s Academic Degrees, his Professional Accomplishments & his Integrity & Authority, makes him; LEADER of the PACK in: Wholistic Health Care Expertise & Technology!

Dr. Julie Trudeau considers Dr. W.C. Nelson to be her Wholistic Health Care SUPER HERO; As the TRINARY [ 3 Dimensional ] CYBERNETIC [computerized], Artificial Intelligence of the SCIO [ a sophisticated, multi diciplinary, multi media & multi function Universal Electro-physiological Biofeedback System ] has been an invaluable Bio — electronic, Wholistic Health Care tool & companion, for Dr. Trudeau both personally & professionally, as Dr. Julie & her clients have been enjoying the MYRIAD of Natural wellbeing, Quantum Bio — electrical, cell ionic, Body Electric stability BENEFITS of the SCIO since her 44th birthday in September of 2005.
Dr. Julie confidently considers the SCIO auto-focus, Evoked Potential Biofeedback Body Electric [ Bioresonance ] testing & balancing to be completely SAFE & extremely EFFECTIVE from her experiences of personal use and excellent Natural health care results maintaining & perfecting her own Body Electric.

The SCIO/INDIGO as a trivector detector and corrector is measuring evoked potential reactions of the client’s [cell ionic Bioresonance] or Body Electric to applied virtual stimulations. and smoothing out the Natural, fractal dimensional, harmonic form of the quantic [ light] nature of biological systems [bioresonance] SPECIFICALLY by
[1.] the detection & reduction of stress via a simple EEG [electroencephalography] BIOFEEDBACK for brain wave stress reduction;
[2.] the management of pain, via the GSR [ Galvanic skin response } of the (MENS [microcurrent transcutaneous electro nerval stimulation]) in the cybernetic [ computerised ] BIOFEEDBACK loop;
[3.] for Trauma or wound healing [ detox / cell regeneration stimulation & stabilization ] via electro-osmosis in the BIOFEEDBACK loop and Global Voltametric, cell ionic, bio – electrical rectification in the BIOFEEDBACK loop of cellular / molecular / ionic charge stability and redox potential;
[4.] for muscular re-education from injury, weakness or dystonia, via the EMG [electromyography] in the BIOFEEDBACK loop.

Please contact Dr. Trudeau – dr.julietrudeau@yahoo.com TODAY For a first time Complementary Health Scan

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