HRV Resonant Breathing Exercise: 5.5-6BPM

HRV Resonant Breathing Exercise: 5.5-6BPM Research is demonstrating that breathing at 5.5 to 6 belly breaths per minute is beneficial for your health.

“It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, help patients with panic disorder, anxiety and depression. It is very beneficial for asthma, COPD, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel.” (from Breath & Body website:

Resonant breathing is breathing that activates the co-ordinated function of oscillating body systems. This breathing increases your Heart Rate Variability.

Heart Rate Variability is a measure of the continuous interplay of your sympathetic (stress response) and parasympathetic (relaxation response) nervous systems and offers information about the flexibility of your autonomic nervous system.

This, in turn, reveals the capacity to which you are able to regulate your emotional responses and the degree to which your cardiac activity can be modulated to meet the demands of changing situations.

Practicing this breathing exercise for 10 minutes/day for 8 weeks can offer lasting improvement to your Heart Rate Variability and your overall health. You are literally re-training your Autonomic Nervous System.

This video is my gift to you to help make the process easy for you.